Sunday, March 30, 2014


Top - Aritzia, Talula / Pants - Aritzia, TNA / Coat - French Connection / Shoes - Michael Kors / Bag - Kate Spade 

The last night in Ontario with my fiancé. Ottawa decided to snow overnight so the trip I had planned to my Dad's got postponed to later in the day. Things worked out though because we decided to stay the night in Toronto and I'll continue to my Dad's in the AM. For tonight, drinks and din at Joey's. Yay for unexpected mini vacations! 


Saturday, March 29, 2014


Top - Aritzia, Talula / Dress - H&M / Tights - Silks / Necklace - Wildfox / Coat - French Connection / Shoes - Flavour in Victoria BC / Bag - Vintage LV Speedy 25 

No makeup, hair a mess. A quick and casual OOTD on my way to lunch with my fiancé. 


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This is my last weekend in our Ottawa apartment. This morning I was all over it taking pictures of things to sell or give away. I figured I would do a blog post on how to organize small spaces to give ideas to anyone needing them.  Making efficient use of a small space can be difficult, but if it is done successfully it can make your apartment bright, spacious, and clutter-free. When my sister visited she was in every closet taking pictures for ideas on how to organize her new place. It did take me a while to figure out the best way to utilize what small closet space there was and the tiny closed-off kitchen. After some measurements and trips to Ikea I was able to function easily and be happy with our living space. This apartment was built in the 50's so the closets are very small and there is very little storage space but I love the character and although it is 525 sqft, it was very spacious and home-like.

 The kitchen window was very convenient and I honestly loved looking at it. I would always have a few Bodum canisters and random objects. The Bodum canisters have a perfect seal and I love the clear glass because it made the space more decorative. 
The shelf was the perfect size for some spices and tea. We only had one cupboard and one shelf for all our food so it was a great way to store smaller objects. 
This shelf was in the living room against the wall where our dining room table was. It was another decorative way I stored some kitchen items.
This has our games, school books, sports items, and a bit of wine. A lot for a tiny table.
This is Matthew's four semesters' worth of law textbooks. The apartment did not really have the space for a book shelf so we put them in bins. The one beside this is the sports bin. 
Anything that was cute and belonged in a kitchen we kept out for decoration.
This is the desk area. Everything was made to fit in the drawers or the filing bin kept on the floor. 
Our coffee table. The bin has pens and a note pad, a few recipe books and bibles. 
Rather than getting a magazine holder I just stacked them with some coffee table books.
To keep things clean and with the lack of counter space, Matthew and I had our own bathroom bins with the items we used regularly. For backups or items we used occasionally, we had a storage bin in the linen closet.
This is the only bedroom closet. I keep most of my clothes here and Matthew used the hall closet. I kept dresses and sweaters elsewhere then had one dresser drawer for pants and miscellaneous items! The bin has bags in their dust covers and to the left is all my scrapbooking and crafting things. I used these bins from Ikea all throughout the apartment because they kept everything together. I organized everything systematically so I knew where items were and could access them easily. 
We used to have a lamp on the nightstand but I broke it, along with most of the glass items we had. This bin was actually where I kept all my lingerie.
We had a nice hallway when we walk in from outside to leave all our outerwear and outdoor accessories. This shelf held everything from our keys to laundry change and although I think it is very ugly, it proved useful in the end.
Having these hooks on the back of the door allowed us the free space to have a second closet for clothing.  I also hung sweaters on the back of my closet door.

These are just a few ideas for keeping organized in a small space. I tried to have items of a similar nature all together before I found places for things. There is nothing that drives me more crazy than a non-systemic closet or drawer. Being organized and having a place for each item elimates clutter and makes life easy. I aim to have a flow in my living space, as lame as that sounds, but it is the key to a functional home. I lived here for nine months so I wanted to keep costs low which is why almost everything was from Ikea. If I were to have lived here for another year, I think most items would have had their day and needed to be replaced. I did not include links because I did not think that would be helpful. Stores that I do really like for the home are Chapters Indigo, The Bay, Costco, and local kitchen/home stores. I hope this was helpful to anyone possibly doing spring cleaning and good luck turning your space into a home. 


Friday, March 21, 2014


It seems whenever I have time to pass, I am on Instigram checking my feed or finding new people to follow. It is not all aimless browsing; I have found book recommendations, outfit inspiration, recipes and restaurants to try, new bloggers to check out, etc.. I have listed 10 of my favourite instagrammers as of late for you to checkout yourself.

A West Coaster who captures breathtaking scenery and beautiful moments. Check out her blog for more

So many flowers and pretty things! She has beautifully executed pictures, evoking simplicity and femininity.

There is no shortage of fabulous outfits here. Not only is she beautiful but her instagram makes me think she has the coolest personality ever. To see more of Amy check out her blog and her YouTube channel

This Amsterdam-based blogger puts together an outfit and a homemade meal like it is her job. Check out her blog for more in fashion and travel

This Instagrammer has the most fun job with the most perks ever and gives you a glimpse into her life as a women's fashion buyer at Holt Renfrew. It is her job to have the best wardrobe ever and she knows how to style great outfits with it!

Lots of tea, food, and nature but in the most picturesque way.

Lauren has an eye for the beauty that surrounds her and captures it in photos for all of instagram to see. Visit

As the username suggests, this Instagrammer seizes the day! She emits her positive energy though each charismatic photo.

This blogger has an effortless style and her instagram is full of comfortable yet still fashionable outfits. Check out her blog

I most likely came across this instagrammer by looking though #aritzia, which is my way of finding bloggers from Canada. Her posts are almost all outfit photos and it is nice to have weather appropriate outfit inspiration from stores easily accessible to me. Check out her blog


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I have been nominated by Rebecca, writer of Becca's Belle Vie, for the Liebster Award. Thank you! The Liebster Award is it is a way to help new bloggers become more known through being nominated, answering questions, then nominating others.

The rules are as follow:
1. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
2. Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with under 200 followers
3. Create a new list of 11 questions to ask those you have nominated
4. Inform your nominees of the award

No. 1 / What annoys you the most?
Poor communication. I have no interest in listening to others talk arround things and semi-lie in the process. Just say what you mean in the most clear way possible and I am happy.

No. 2 / What is the one beauty product you could not go without?

No. 3 / What is your favourite thing to wear?
Jeans and a t-shirt.

No. 4 / Why did you start your blog?
To try it. I had kept up with blogs and magazines for years and friends were always asking me fashion/beauty questions so I went ahead and started a blog.

No. 5 / Name three places you want to travel and why.
Barcelona, Spain - Elise, my friend told me I would love it.
Israel - The history.
Hong Kong - It is so different from anything I know and sounds amazing.

No. 6 / What makes you smile?
Everything. I smile all the time at the most simple of things. Walking down the street and observing the beauty and humour in life makes me smile.

No. 7 / What is the one piece of advice you would share with someone?
Live in the moment. Sorry that is so cliche, but to be aware of what you are doing at that moment so you can enjoy yourself and thus, not stress out. For example, if you are at work and looking forward to when you are off. All of those minutes are part of your life and if you do not like something, simply change it rather than wasting your time. That does not necessarily mean quit your job, but change your perspective and take time to be grateful.

No. 8 / What is the craziest memory with your best friend?
Every Friday and Saturday night of high school.

 No. 9 / What is your favourite clothes shop and why. 
Aritzia. It has in-house brands, such as Babaton and Wilfred, as well as designer brands, such as Mackage and J BRAND, and the quality is good for the price.

No. 10 / What is your dream job?
Housewife with children.

No. 11 / If you had a magic lamp what would you wish for?
Perrier or San Pellegrino to run from the tap (an unlimited supply).

I nominate

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. What is your dream job?
3. Who is your favourite movie or TV character ever? Ex, Phoebe from Friends.
4. Where was your favourite vacation?
5. What is your favourite magazine to read?
6. What brand and fit of jeans is your favourite?
7. What is the most used app on your phone?
8. What is your go to nail polish colour for your toes in the summer?
9. What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
10. What is your favourite clothing store to shop at?
11. What song makes you feel most nostalgic? 


Monday, March 10, 2014


Hello. This weekend my fiancé and I did the Boyfriend Tag from YouTube. We did it as a fun thing to put on our wedding website. I thought I would also share it on my blog for my readers to get to know me a little bit better. I hope you like the video.


Monday, March 03, 2014


This is my everyday makeup routine. I have always kept my everyday makeup very minimal. I do like to try new products every so often but it is usually a new product to replace an existing one for the same purpose. Other than new mascaras and switching up my lip or blush colour, I have not changed anything since getting the NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Cheek Palette in November.

The only thing that differs daily is my eye liner, which depends on how much time I have, what I am doing, or how I feel. Somedays I will just use mascara and no eye liner, pencil, or liquid with pencil. I never put eyeliner on my water line or line the whole eye. On the days I use pencil, I line the outer corner to about half way in on both my upper and lower lash lines then blend it out. On the days I use liquid, I use the liquid liner to line my upper lid from inner to outer corner, getting thicker as I go out, then stop where my lid ends and once that is dry with the pencil I go between my lashes.

I use the colour Fair. This foundation has never irritated my skin in anyway and matches my skin tone well. When I run out I sometimes try something new but I have repurchased it on and off for years now. 

If my skin is very clear or I have a short day I will skip this step. 

Nars Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Cheek Palatte (Limited Edition)
I use this palate for a contour (Laguna), blush (Goulue), and highlighter (Devotee).

I use the colour Soft Brown. I never used to be comfortable with filling in my brows because I do not like my brows and I thought it would bring too much attention to them. Last summer I started filling my brows and now I feel it is one of the most important steps to my makeup routine. I went for a powder to start out because I thought it would be less harsh. I still am a bit eyebrow-scared so I have not tried anything else and do not use a gel to set them - baby steps (I did the same thing with mascara when I was younger too lol).

I use the colour Soft Golden Beige. I put this in the inner corners of my eyes. 

I love this eyeliner because it is so easy.

I have a lot of black pencil eyeliners but I have had this in my makeup bag since I got it. I never even bought it, the lady at the Qlinique counter added it to my bag for free. No complaints about it, easy for everyday and I can do a light line with it (which I like). 

One of my favourites and the mascara I am currently using. I always try new ones though, I am not fussy. I say that but I have not used a drug store mascara (no reason, I am sure they are great). 

I use the colour "Memento". I prefer my lips to be matte and I like to use long-wearing products. I usually do not re-apply lip products throughout the day so I use lip stains, matte lipsticks, or pencils. This is not as long-wearing as I would like but I love the colour. I bought this when I dyed my hair blonde because I did not have a nude shade of anything other than a Maybelline Baby Lips and wanted a lighter lip with my lighter hair. My hair is dark brown now and I sill love this shade.

This is one of those products I love and I do not really know why.

F60 (Foundation) F40 (Bronzer) F30 (Blush) E40 (Highlighter) 

My eyelashes point down naturally so this is a very necessary tool for me. People tell me I have nice eyelashes but when they are not curled they are honestly laughable. I am lucky that with such a strong down force, once they are curled they stay that way until I wash my face at night. I have this curler just because it is cheap and does the job. 


Saturday, March 01, 2014


This is my first monthly favourites and I should probably start with saying blogging is a new favourite. I have always followed blogs, but on February 5th I decided to start a blog of my own. It has been fun so far. Since this is my first favourites it is a bit all over the place but I am an all over the place kind of person anyways. I do not have any categories, if you would like to see a variety of different items I can try to figure out a monthly favourites with set categories, just comment below with any suggestions.

1 La Notte Tops Shop Here
2 David's Tea, Le Digestif (Organic) Shop Here
3 UNIQLO Thermal Wear Shop Here (Top) Shop Here (Bottoms)
4 BodyFlow Check it out here
5 Folli Follie Match & Dazzle Bracelet Shop Here
6 Zara Sweat Pants Shop Similar Here
7 Rachelle Roy Stud Earring Trios Shop Here 
8 Origins No Puffery Shop Here
9 OCC Lip Tar in Memento Shop Here
10 Blogging 
11 Power Rocks portable iPhone charger Check it out here
12 Calvin Klein Concept Bralette Shop Here

All February it seemed in the morning I was de-puffing my eyes as an add-on to my skincare routine then heading to the bedroom to change. Before even thinking about what to wear most days I was putting on a "pre-outfit"; my new bralette and thermal wear from head to toe. The thermal wear has really helped me get out of the house this winter; I think I would have had to cancel my life and stay a hermit in my apartment all winter without it. The CK Bralette is new this month. I usually go for a Lululemon sports bra on a casual day but I came across this which is so thin and soft, yet somehow supportive. Not only is the bralette comfortable but the front is very low on the chest and the straps fall in the same place as a normal bra so I can wear it with most tops. I have been choosing to wear what is easiest so I have been all about the sweat pants and basic t-shirts. I like the Zara sweats I have because of the leather detailing it has around the waste and pockets; it makes me feel like it is almost ok to leave the house wearing them. I have been grabbing any La Notte t-shit I have and tucking the front into whatever bottoms (There were days I had jeans on over my thermals lol) then throwing on an open sweater. My accessories this month have been very minimal. Everyday I had on my engagement ring with my Folli Follie bracelet and a pair of fairly small Rachelle Roy studded earrings. My ears are a little bit sensitive; I cannot wear Forever 21 earrings, but they do not have to be pure gold either. Rachelle Roy earrings have never irritated my ears and they are quite inexpensive. The OCC Lip Tar in Memento is one of the few nude lip shades I have ever worn. Ever since highschool I have been doing a red or bright pink lips. I have just never thought nude looked good on me but this shade is on the pinker side and seems to complement my complexion well. The OCC lip tars are matte, they stay on for a good amount of time, and there is little transfer while drinking coffee, etc. I put that on when first doing my makeup and brush face powder over it lightly to set it, then throughout the day touch up with a Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Peachy Pink. Since I have been very busy this month I have been enjoying BodyFlow (A class involving Tai Chi, Pilates, and yoga) even more than I usually do. It is not a new thing, I have been going since grade ten, but I still really love it.  The music is great and there is a Goodlife everywhere so it is easy to find a class that works with my schedule. I am notorious for running out of battery on my iPhone, the portable charger is something I should have gotten a long time ago. However, it is new this month and I have definitely been putting it to good use. I love tea; Teavana is where I get most of my tea, but I also have a fair bit from David's Tea. The Le Digestif (Organic) tea is not fancy but I have been making it the most this month; I like the cooling feeling it has, I find it very soothing in the cold months. 

That is all for my monthly favourites! February was a very busy month and winter has been taking its toll on me so I have been dressing more comfortable than cute. Late January my car was totalled so I was dealing with my insurance company and shopping around for a new/used car. My fiancée, Matthew, had came home on the 1st from being away in Victoria, BC for a week so we had a lot of catching up to do. While he was in Victoria he looked at a condo development. He was busy looking into buying a condo; I was busy looking into buying a car. We found out that there is a way for Matthew to possibly transfer schools, back to BC which is our "home" so he began the application process. The wedding we had already planned we basically cancelled to accommodate our new budget; we are keeping the ceremony the same but have a new guest list and are changing the reception completely. By the 8th I had a new car and was working a lot. Two days ago we figured out a lot of the condo stuff and are just waiting on some paperwork to go ahead with things. Matthew has finished the application process but we do not hear back from UVic until June. My old employer asked me last week if I could come back to Victoria a month earlier and I have accommodated that. Now I just have one more month to pack up not only summer clothes (The original plan was to spend only the summer in Victoria then back to Ottawa for school) but also pack apartment things and figure out what to do with items we are not bringing. The wedding planning has been going very well though. We ended up getting the reception venue we actually wanted the whole time. 

This month had a lot going on; I was always on the go and my monthly favourites reflect so. March, April, and May are all very busy months for me but at least I will be done with winter. I hope everyone has a wonderful March and thank you for reading.