Friday, June 27, 2014


Rashida Jones has an effortless style that is very classy and comfortable while trendy at the same time. She usually steps up a basic top and bottom with a blazer or fun footwear. She has a good balance between boy-inspired and feminine floral designs, dresses and skirts, and silks. She dresses fairly conservatively in that she is appropriately covered up and stays away from impractical heel heights etc, while still being modern. For an LA native, there is nothing typical about her style choices; she has cultivated her own way of dressing that is right for her and I love that. She has confidence in who she is, has respect for who she is, and looks smart because she is smart. 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I just made an order from my favourite online store! In 4-12 business days Christmas will be at my door.  I'm kind of excited because I haven't received a package since actual Christmas. The only mail I get is magazines and an obscene amount of overdue parking tickets (sometimes multiple reminders daily)! I went though a phase where I used to shop online all the time. I was excited to get home and check the mail because it was likely a package would be at my door.

I very rarely purchase anything online anymore and I am no longer in a long distance relationship. It's weird I put those two things together in that last sentence, but not actually, because the week my boyfriend moved away is when I first began online shopping and a year later when I moved with him I stopped lol. Not only were we sending each other care packages, but it was also easier to buy something online and have it delivered for special occasions. With a reason to shop online, combined with my extra free time I would be looking at things all the time - and once you look, you buy! 

Anyways, I wanted to share what I got because these are seriously good deals and I think everyone should check out the extra 30% off sale items at Intermix! Intermix always has amazing stuff, I really love the brand and style selection they have. They are always rotating new items in so there is always current must-haves and good stuff going on sale. 

This is what I got...

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Dress -Aritzia, Wilfred Free / Shirt - Club Monaco / Sandals - The Gap / Bag - Micheal Kors / Earings+bracelet, Bangel - Aldo, Folli Follie 

Happy Summer Solstice! I worked during the day, but at least I was outside for most of it. Went downtown for drinks after to start off the summer.  


Thursday, June 19, 2014


I know I already did a blog post on my wedding. You get it - I am married. But my friend Elise, who also has a blog, wrote about it and I thought it was too sweet not to share!
Elise is super cool - that is really the best way to describe her. She lives in Vancouver and is always finding new ventures in life. On top of work and school, she is a bartender, learning to become a personal trainer, a blogger, and still somehow has an active social life and a very cute boxer! 

We also just heared back from our amazing wedding photographer, Jesse Holland - who does Victoria, BC and the Bay Area of California. Some of our pictures are up on her blog and the rest of our photos are ready for tomorrow! Anyone looking for wedding inspiration, searching venues in Victoria, or just likes weddings, creeping, or photography in general, go check out her post on Matthew and I's beautiful wedding day! 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


There is no better way to ensure I will not follow your blog than to post a comment saying "Follow my blog." I know increasing traffic to your blog is one of the more challenging aspects in establishing yourself as a blogger, but it is no excuses to "follow for follow" - it is tacky, not to mention annoying. Work on your blog content and loyal followers, who actually care about what you have to say, will come in time. Now, promoting your blog to people you think would enjoy reading it is an entirely different thing. Just please, people - it is about the blog you are proud of not how many people "follow" but do not even read it! This all being said, I welcome comments, positive or constructive criticism; and if you think your blog would be of my interest or any of my blog readers leave a link to your blog so we can check it out.

I had no intentions for this post to be a rant, rather to share the blogs I have been loyal to since the moment I came across them. They are in the order of who I have been following the longest. 

Shop with Jenna: Her name is Jenna, from Vancouver, and the content is primarily fashion. I have been entertained by what this girl has to say since she had a YouTube Chanel and her blog was For the Love of Retail! I found her by searching "Aritzia Haul" on YouTube, I think back in 2011. Things have changed, and I have never tired of her OOTD's, hauls and sales (she shops ALOT), wish lists, reviews, life updates, moves and home tours, and of course, closet reconstructions. Since I have been following her for so long it is like I am always rooting for her to find happiness when her life is a challenge and find success when she is lost. I do not even know this person! But she works hard to better herself through life's tribulations and she is beautiful in and out with a big heart, she really cares about her blog and followers, and ALWAYS looks fabulous! If you love luxurious shoes, bags, and homes (especially closets) - check out her blog, you are going to love it. Oh wait, how did I not mention her pugs! She is defiantly a fur mommy with the most adorable pictures of her pug, Pablo.
Instagram: @shopwithjenna (main) @buyfromjenna (selling page) @wishmelux (online boutique) 

Cocktails and Luxury: Her name is Mel, from Montreal, and she is surrounded by fashion around the clock. I also found her on YouTube but by searching "Louis Vuitton Collection" probably a year ago. I do not think she intended to grow her YouTube Chanel when she began since the visual and audio quality of her videos were pretty poor. It is a testament to how awesome she is that so many people love her and what she has to say without the video quality most YouTubers have now - and I am only saying this because she just got a new laptop and camera for her birthday, so that is a thing of the past. Between her Blog, Instagram, and YouTube you are constantly being updated. She does vlogs around Montreal (my favourite city in Canada), OOTD's, reviews (mostly on bags), wish lists, blog sales, but what is best about her is she will try and post responses to her comments as best as possible. She has an amazing life with amazing friends and family surrounding her and I love to keep updated as though it is my reality tv. I probably like her more as a person than a blogger but only because she is a genuinely good, down-to-earth person.

Boobs and Loubs: Her name is Morgan, from Los Angeles, and the content is anything relevant to her life at that moment. I found her indirectly though sarahmh__'s Instagram, to dorothywang's Instagram, to finding out about #RKOBH (halfway through season one), to watching the show and finally realizing she has a blog! Even though she is one of the more famous bloggers I follow, I sure did have to work to come across her. I am glad I did. I added her blog to my phone's homepage as soon as I found it and have been checking it regularly for updates ever since. Her posts are short, usually about one thing, but her personality is why I read them. She is so funny; always seeing the irony in things and comically commenting her way though life. Nothing is off limits or  too embarrassing and she never holds back her honest opinion, even if it is harsh. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


With summer officially kicking off this month, I put together a list of beauty products to keep you fresh and looking your best into the late summer nights. 

A spritz of this on a hot, sticky day will keep you feeling fresh and your makeup set. Available in the perfect travel size for on-the-go.

For makeup-free days at the beach or exploring the outdoors; a wipe with this will cleanse your skin. Just do not forget your cotton pad too. 

Create texture to your day one hair or use it to freshen up the locks from all the gruelling hair up/down changes throughout long summer days.

Mask the extra shine in your hair from having the car windows down and increased perspiration (ew, I know).

No one wants to wear pantyhose, that is just an extra layer! This helps to hide bug bites or scratches that are avoidable if you are taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors this summer. Since we all still want polished legs, apply a bit of this evenly, rub it in well, then let it dry for a few minutes and you will be good-to-go until you remove it with soap and a good scrub. An added bonus, it acts as a self tanner too! For the most part it does not transfer to your clothes and will hold up moderately well in the water. I only had a problem when I did my back and got too close to my arms; from the constant friction some did transfer to my white top. For legs it is very safe; if you are still worried, err on the side if caution when wearing your whites.


Saturday, June 14, 2014


Shirt - Aritzia, Wilfred Free / Skirt - Joe Fresh / Jacket - Aritzia, TNA / Shoes - Michael Kors / Bag - Louis Vuitton / Necklace, Bracelet, Bangle - Ardene, Aldo, Folli Follie

The warmer weather took a break today, but I cannot really complain since I do not even remember the last time it rained. Wind, darkness, and all, I am having a wonderful day off. Had a nice birthday/Father's Day lunch with family at one of my favourite restaurants in Victoria, Catalano Facebook Page. Then my husband and I went for drinks and to the movies. We saw 22 Jump Street which was hilarious!


Friday, June 13, 2014


Kate Bosworth is always seen looking amazing. With her easy, effortless, and classic style with a trendy flare, it is no surprise she is being featured in yet another blog post. Her outfits are never busy and still so complete. She makes errands in cut-off shorts and a basic t-shirt look almost elegant, somehow. Her red carpet looks are understated and perfect in every way. Bosworth's stunning natural beauty and killer body make her a perfect canvas for fashion; it is a gift she has been blessed with an amazing fashion sense too. Together, she delivers a style so unique. While it would be hard to recreate a look of hers, we can all admire her fashion genius and God-given beauty. 

A simple top and bottom with limited accessories coming together for an overall very finished look; each item is simple, yet there is nothing missing.

Again, so basic, just a top and bottom. There is just enough detail in each very ordinary piece to make this look interesting.

Nothing complicated, just clean beautiful basics coming together. 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It has been over a week now that I have been a happily married woman! The entire month of May was filled with fun, family and friends, and lasting memories. The kick-off was the bachelorette party mid-May, then my MOH flew in from Ontario and it was non-stop with the shower, rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and the morning-after brunch. Leading up to the wedding we were surrounded by love and support; it was a beautiful time and brought all the people that matter the most to us together. Everything about the wedding and wedding related parties went better than anyone could have planned. We are so thankful for all the help we received; more people than not were offering their time and abilities which is more than any bride and groom could ever ask for. 

Having some of our friends meet for the first time and instantly creating friendships is one of the more cherished things from our wedding. It really was a joyous day of celebration filled with fun and laughter. We are fortunate to have wonderful family and friends that mean the world to us which is what made our wedding such a good time. To summarize the day, I would say it was a stress-free, smooth, and easy, seriously fun and all-around good time for everyone. It brought about togetherness amongst all guests; by far the most lively and fun wedding I have ever been to. The  photographer, weather, wedding party, flowers, d├ęcor, setting, service, and food and drinks all surpassed our expectations. I am so grateful to have found the person I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. I was already so lucky, but the wedding being so easy and perfect makes me that much more lucky and I am excited for what is to come of our love :) 

Here are a few pictures from all the festivities... 

The Bachelorette. We went to the Oak Bay Beach Hotel first to soak in the sun and enjoy the outdoor heated saltwater pools and hot tubs surrounded by ocean views and of course relax with some spa treatments. Then dinner with a Victoria view and drinks at a bar.  Matthew stopped by to pick me up and cut me off. Sunday morning was not the least bit pleasant. 

The Shower. Fun games, delicious food, lots of laughs, and lovely gifts! 

The wedding! #hashtagmelnykwedding. To date the best day of my life; from dusk to dawn like a dream.

The morning after Brunch. Our last day with close family before everyone went back home. 

I should probably add that everything took place in Victoria BC, more precisely the downtown/Inner Harbour area. It was a small wedding with 50 people. The ceremony was at St. Ann's Academy Chapel Website and the reception was at The Empress in the Harbour View Room Website.

I was so pleased with everything, for anyone local I have a few things to highly recommend. Jesse Holland Photography Website - An amazing photographer and even better person; she is such a good worker and lovely to work with. Both venues - Beautiful places in gorgeous surroundings with quality staff that made planning a breeze. No one could stop talking about Sylvia, one of the servers at The Empress, and everyone loved the food and drinks, especially the Collins 44. The Magnolia Hotel Website - Perfect, very spacious, rooms to get ready with your wedding party and the staff took care of us so well. 


Monday, June 09, 2014


T-Shirt - Aritzia, TNA / Sweater - Aritzia, Babaton / Jeans - Citizens of Humanity / Shoes - Arturo Chiang / Bag - Louis Vuitton / Necklace, Bracelet, Bangel - Ardene, Aldo, Folli Follie 

"Why you be dressed like it fall in June?" -said anyone not from Victoria, BC. While summer days in Victoria may be a perfect 24 degrees, with a hot sun and cooling breeze, come night the temperature can really drop and that fresh ocean breeze is no help. This casual and warm OOTN is from when my husband and I did a night ghost walk along the Inner Harbour. Our tour guide was so mesmerizing to watch; very theatrical. We had a lot of fun even though we were freezing.