Thursday, September 22, 2016


Recently I have been extra obsessed with face masks and skin care in general. I get asked about skin care all the time and with amount of masks I've somehow collected in the last few weeks I thought I would do a little first impressions/haul and mini review. My skin type is pretty non-fuss; I have combination dry/oily skin that prefers more natural products, I do get hormonal ache but other than that my skin is fairly clear.

I had become sheet mask obsessed for a week or two and all I wanted was hydration to recover. This line immediately caught my eye. I went with my initial instincts and grabbed the Water Sleeping Mask and made a run for the checkout. Then, in classic Sephora style (you can't just run in, grab, and go), the most helpful sales associate confirmed my choice and convinced me to try this set first, to not only give the mask a try but also the Essential Skin Toner. I love the entire Laniege line. Sure, I've only tried these items for the past 4 weeks, but I can tell. I even bought my friend a set last week. For me to not only try but actually stick to using a new face wash is literally groundbreaking. This is a very good line for clean, simple, no fuss skin and I think it would be suitable for any skin type. 
Rating: 5/5 must try :)

I wanted to try a new eye cream, and the one included in this set in particular, but I don't actually think there is anything better than the Orignis GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream (for me personally) so I went with this set to just give it a try. I love the Caudalie sprays (I have 5!? haha) and all of the items included I know I will like enough to use. 
Rating: 3/5 if you like Caudalie it's a good set

Maybe I am just a sucker for good advertisements but I wanted to try everything from Estée Edit when I first heard about it. Rationally, I knew this line most likely wouldn't prove impressive to me (just in the nature of it and my skincare preferences) so I tried to forget about it. That worked temporarily. When I saw this set with nearly a full size of the Beam Team Hydrate + Glow, which is literally the only product from this line I remember really wanting to try, I decided to get it. I have yet to get into this but I'm excited to try the Stress Relief Eye Mask and the Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack because I have a puffy eye issue (who doesn't) and I love hydration masks. 
Rating: to be determined 

I love all three masks; I would probably love all the GlamGlow masks but these plus the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment are the only ones I have tried so far. I purchased this for the Supermud Clearing Treatment which I use as spot treatment regularly and occasionally do the full face mask. It's a repurchase and I'm sure it will be for years to come. The other two are good, yes I love them, but the Supermud Clearing Treatment is where it's at. 
Rating: 5/5 great masks and value

ADORE! These masks, which are all the same mask but with a different scent and also the same as the full size that is unscented and the same size as the little ones combined, are so amazing! I don't know what they do, how, or why they are the best but they just are. My skin feels most hydrated when I use this mask and every time I wash it off I'm shocked at how soft my skin is. It's funny, but every time I use it I don't expect the results to be as good as they are and I'm always in disbelief...I mean, really - it's just as mask that I put on my face for a few minutes it shouldn't work so's pure magic. 
Rating: 6/5 better than must try, it's so good! 

Sephora favourites are always the best; you don't have to check the reviews because you know they're mostly positive. Some of these I have tried before (Origins, Peter Thomas Roth, GlamGlow - all good) and some I'm glad to try. * No longer available online but it's probably available in-store. A similar set (that I now want haha) Sephora Favourites Soko to Tokyo *
Rating: the three masks I've tried from this set are 5/5

Just like Glam Glow you know any Peter Thomas Roth mask is if not great, good and at worst, not bad. I like the small sizes because it's clean and I can't get through the full size anyways. They're all easy go to masks and they are all repurchases and will be for a while. 
Rating: 4/5 good masks 

Never tried and very excited! I have a feeling these masks are going to exceed my expectations. 
Rating: to be determined but the online reviews were great

I've used this mask twice and I'm unsure if I like it or not and both times I've wondered if it's making me break out a bit. The process is fun; the first mask is hot and exfoliating then the second mask is cool and soothing. I just think it's maybe more of a fun concept and experience than a useful addition to my skin care regime. 
Rating: 2/5 I wouldn't recomend this 

I got this because I wanted a whitening mask to even out the yellow discolouration around my chin and jaw. I don't enjoy using it because it's a peeling mask which is time consuming, messy, and slightly uncomfortable to remove. Having only used it three times now I have no idea what I think as far as results go, but honestly, I don't think it does or will do its intended purpose. 
Rating: 3/5 it's not a bad mask but I kind of wish I got something else instead. I just don't know what...any whitening mask suggestions!? 

I picked this up because I thought it would be fun and it is. It's inexpensive and harmless; it feels nice going on and it doesn't break me out but the results, if any, are very subtle.
Rating: 3/5 this comes in a sheet mask which might be better 

I use this and Origins Modern Friction to exfoliate and they are both repurchases I am happy with. This. Smells. So. Good! (If you like pumpkin, but what blog reader isn't pumpkin spice everything obsessed haha).
Rating: 5/5 I've always loved it. Not for anyone with sensitive skin.

I like to spray my face before applying most, not all, but most masks and then sometimes I go spray overload and keep refreshing my mask because it feels so good! I don't know why but I just love sprays and waters so much.  
Rating: 5/5 I reach for this more than the elixers 

I love Caudalie Beauty Elixirs and beauty elixers in general, but this one in particular is a mix of essential oils but most noticeably peppermint making it extra refreshing. I tend to reach for this over the water for the basic everyday skin cleansing I do and less for masks but both are amazing additions for both a simple face wash and a nice mask. 
Rating: 5/5 

I don't have much to say about these masks because I've only tried two Tony Moly sheet masks before but I ordered 6 of each of the water or emulsion types and just 3 of each for the milky types of their I'm Real ones. Sheet masks are very overpriced at Sephora, I don't understand it, but a quick Google search and you can find whatever one you want at a reasonable price. 
Rating: to be determined 

I know, I'm obsessed with masks and skincare in general! These are all purchases made in the last month after I became obsessed with sheet masks (all random from an Asian market) so these are mostly my initial thoughts. Until recently I was mostly only using masks to clear my skin and not to put moisture back into it. Now I'm all about small pores and moisture and addicted to masks of any and all kinds. Hopefully this was helpful and please leave any questions or suggestions in the comments below.